NeoCons is one of the 12 Networks Shows we are now ramping up.  All of these are planned as 2-Way Interactive and we expect, from our polling, the highest level of watchership in recent history. 

This is the show with the highest degree of Interaction built into it.    

Please send your Resume, (Photo(s), Portfolio, and measurements for costuming, from hats to ring-fingers.
Let us know if you have experience with television network acting, where, when and what.
If you have other life-experience which applies to TV Show production see below for a list of specific creative industry functions which interest you.  

Feel free to contact us with questions. 

Several locations will be used for Try-Outs, depending on dates. 


The Show


The Characters

This is our Central Hub for putting together the teams which will launch the Interactive TV Revolution. 

FITNA has produced about 20 different ways for producers to format Interactivity. Just ask.  

First, and this is a real opportunity, we are looking for producers who have a passion for a show, could be cause based, could be, well use your imagination. Think about all the things we need today. Think about what we need to come together about. If you have an idea, be prepared to work it over to make it Interactive, exciting and draw in your audience to participate with mass media.  We are here to provide advice and insights on what the Interactive Technologies can do to empower your idea.  

Sustainable alternatives, Adaptions to Climate Change, new small businesses which support these ideas, alternatives for living space.....the list seems without end.

 NeoCons, our 1st Docu-Dramedy, is just one example of what can happen.  The basic show narrative opens up a dialog for the many theories and all of the evidence which desperately needs to be assembled, taking into account the motives of those responsible. 

How many of us think the events occuring September 11, 2001 were accidential? Poll your friends and let us know.  Over 50% of Americans no longer buy the official explanations. 

What about those reasons we were given for invading Iraq?  What about the rise of the Attack Drone Industry and the Surveillance State?    

Producers and other will see your resume and be in touch with you about their show needs. 

Welcome to media of the people, by the people - and for the people.  

Get ready for the: 
Presidential Candidate Debate Tournament