The Explosion of Advances in Technology
How is our economic system working for you?

You might think 'technology' is limited to your device, your latest app, or your faux green home.  Wrong. You are paying more for everything than is necessary.  Your economy is owned and controlled by a run-away government which is impossible to change because all of the means for change have been truncated or eliminated.  But you think you have to change government to have real health care, a stable economy, or a house that does not begin falling apart as soon as you move in.  All of this is wrong; all of the problems you see today are the result of a government joined at the hip to corporations which use government to prevent innovations from being available.  

NeoCons is here to give you the tools to change your world.   Yes, we told you the hideous story of what people without conscience can do to a few people, and millions of people through the system they foisted on us.  But the technologies in your hands through 2-Way Interactive TV can change this rapidly. 

We are at a tipping point.  California is set to experience wildfires which will make 2018 seen tame by comparison.  It is now necessary to prepare for the impact of continuous fires, which the Southern Hemishere has been experiencing for ten years.  We tried to tell you.  Now, we need to learn to live with the steadily increasing termperature and adjust to the changes which cannot be stopped.  The good news is that this can be accomplished and will save funds; create better housing for everyone, and lead the way to a real freedom.  

We need a sustainable economy; to build in compassion and concern for others; remove the barriers for innovation; and look up to the deepness of space for answers and inspiration. 

All of Freedom Interactive TV's programs are designed to allow you to learn the facts; remove the barriers to understanding; prosper; and correct the problems which have brought us to this point.  

Solutions is a show developed to let you choose for yourselves.  There is not one solution, but many.  

Stay tuned!