A Docu-Dramedy challenges the ability of actors to become the character, knowing the story will play out in ways which are determined by the real life unfolding of events.  Sometimes this will take place in the full glare of unfolding events and sometimes through insights, which add additional characters and twists and turns to the action.  Think carefully before auditioning, we fully expect this to be a transition in the art carried out by both a deep ability to plumb the truth of the character and bythe impact of the technologies which will direct the discovery of these attributes. 

Auditions will go on as live action during our CrowdFunder for NeoCons  

The Characters

John Fund - Bill Clinton has a flag tattooed on his penis,” John Fund called to tell me gleefully. I did not pass this on to Arianna Huffington as he wished. John Fund is a disinformation agent who has worked for the Bush-NeoCon Cabal from the 1980s until today.  He was a member of the Cheney support team for networking the talent to stage 9/11/01 from 1998, and the subsequent Invasion of Iraq.    Fund was receiving security briefings in the first Bush W term, 2000 – 2004.  I met Fund in 1980.  Wish I hadn’t. It would be funny if it had happened to someone else that I did not particularly like. Fund was the maestro of dirty tricks for media control.    

Morgan Pillsbury"I thought I wanted a career, but what I really wanted was a paycheck.”  Having entirely alienated her family, Morgan Pillsbury continued her only goal, to marry and control a wealthy man.  She bedded her third prospect, John Fund, on October 26, 1998, while on an extended tour of NY, London & Paris with Craig Franklin, her third ‘adopted’ father, who was also to bed her.   
Her first two marriage possibilities were rocker Eddy Van Halen and Y2K genius Eugene Volokh, the latter who also laid out the strategy for Ken Starr on the Monica Lewinsky case.  Morgan, an 8th-grade dropout, not literate on current events, was nevertheless, a keylogger wizard.

Dick Cheney - "They’ll pay for their own liberation.” Dick Cheney’s means, motives, and methods for achieving: major disinformation operations, false flag mass insecurity, programming airliners and ordnance, placement of private military contractors, having the Clintons persuade Saddam Hussein to stay in Iraq to make Geo W. Bush’s War happen for old oil leases, the rise of the surveillance state and the attack drone industries – all become clear when you learn about the people below.
   First understand Morgan Pillsbury; then you’ll understand why Darth Vader wasn’t always mild mannered.

Craig Franklin - ​​“Women should all be euthanized when they turn 30.” This reflects Craig Franklin’s obsession with incest porn and is likely his honest opinion. Craig told me he had to use most of his left brain to simulate the behavior expected from the right brain.  Craig is a psychopath with a 180 IQ.  He reads every PhD dissertation in Computer Science nationwide each year. He has designed 13 successful compilers.  Craig was Vice President of Advanced Products Development for Green Hills Software, Inc. when his connection to John Fund became significant to NeoCons.  This connection was made over Morgan’s bed in NY on October 27, 1998.

Dan O'Dowd - " Throw Momma From the Train”  Dan O’Dowd, named his strategy to eliminate Melinda Pillsbury-Foster who was an obstacle to their corporate conspiracy.  Owner of Green Hills Software, Inc., he was raised by his two parents, both psychologists, in a Skinner Box.  He is now a billionaire who became wealthy by giving Dick Cheney what he needed, with the direction of his Senior Vice President of Advanced Product Development, Craig Franklin.  Dan ran in the Democratic Primary for US Senator in CA against Diane Feinstein in 1992.  His campaign literature confirms his Skinner Box attitudes to the homeless.  Unable to start a successful company himself, Dan stole the one Glenn Hightower had funded as his partner in 1982. Dan and his wife, Amy Chang, now own 97% of a large private corporation GHS that flunked Sarbanes-Oxley, INTEGRITY Global Systems & Security, and numerous high-tech subsidiaries...  

Sidney Blumenthal -“The Tethered Goat Strategy” – A brilliant idea from Sidney Blumenthal, the Clintons’ “capo”.  First example, 2002, keep Saddam Hussein in-country when he was willing to leave, courtesy of the Clintons at the request of President George W. Bush (Cheney). Second example, a 2006 critique of Condi Rice, on her treatment of foreign service officers. Sidney Blumenthal learned about keyloggers while researching his book, “Clinton’s War”.
   But he did not expect the information to cost him when he keylogged Morgan Pillsbury.  But it did.  Uday had a bad day, too.

Eric Alterman -“Journalists usually treat anything as true if someone in a position of ostensible authority is willing to say it, even anonymously (and if no one is going to sue over it).”  From What Liberal Media? Eric’s life philosophy!  Eric Alterman is a ‘Distinguished Professor of English and Journalism, Brooklyn College, City University of New York. He is also "The Liberal Media" columnist for The Nation and the author of ten books including the New York Times bestseller, "What Liberal Media?"  He colluded with John Fund on two articles to inject libels about myself and Morgan into public view.  His narrative sprang without sources from the fevered mind of John Fund. MORE

Jacqueline Misho - Even Jacqueline Misho had limits.  Craig called to retain her to get him unsupervised visitation with his grand-daughter (forget the grandson).  Craig’s son Scott, the father of two, had been jailed for the attempted murder of his wife, the kids’ mother. For once, Jackie refused a case. Jacqueline Misho was featured as an Orc in John Cleese’s After Divorce Comedy Tour; she is feared but despised. Hit by a car while crossing the street in front of the Santa Barbara Courthouse at lunchtime with many watching, no one helped, yet many cheered and applauded.  Entering my home while I was absent, rifling through my papers, and downloading everything on my computer while walking off with an unknown amount of my private property, that is something Craig probably paid extra for. 

Wendy McElroy Wendy McElroy wrote an article perpetuating the lies published in the Nation Magazine fabricated by John Fund and Eric Alterman.  She admitted to making no calls to myself or Morgan, despite the fact we had known each other since the 1970s.  The article, “False Rape Charges Hurt Real Victims,”   was published at Fox News and then appeared on NewsMax.  No one asked for sources, no one.  
Shortly afterward, McElroy was offered a job at Fox. Check out the kinds of articles she produces. Wendy's Site ,   MORE  I referred to these events as the “Alterman - Fund Jobs Program for Indigent Journalists."  

Katherine Rosman - “He takes me to good parties,” Katherine Rosman said of Eric Alterman. She was at Elle Magazine, perhaps as an intern, when she contacted Morgan Pillsbury and extracted an exclusive on the story about John Fund in June of 2003.  After interviewing both Morgan and me, Elle stalled and dropped the story one year later.  Katherine soon had a job at the Wall Street Journal, where Fund worked.   Katie was described by her frequent escort, Alterman, as “Arm Candy”.  MORE

Additional Characters
In likely order of appearance

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster - accompanied her dad, Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury, into the Brentwood Fire while it was still burning in 1962 to assist in recording burn patterns for his professorial work on fire danger.   Her 7th Grade science project was on soil composition.  She read Atlas Shrugged in one day at age 12, becoming interested in freedom and social justice.  Along the way she made disastrous marriages and had children, which experiences she fit into her studies of everything. 
  Her first mentor was James Dean, who taught her about photosynthesis, “Trees breathe, they breath in light and breathe out – Life.”

John Connolly John Connolly is an author and writer for Vanity Fair who was persuaded by Morgan Pillsbury to write an article on John Fund as revenge for Fund’s having escaped becoming her husband.  Connolly learned valuable lessons on NeoCon strategy that he is still assimilating as he continues to be a crusader for justice. 

​Eddie Van Halen escaped Morgan, lucky guy.  However, it is likely Morgan contributed to the break up of his marriage.

Eugene Volokh - is still a professor of law at UCLA and, presumably, is still ensuring his students have direct experience with the Second Amendment at his required outing to the shooting range.  Second escapee of Morgan. 

Arthur Edward Foster is still a sweet person.  Struggling with his disabilities, he continues to enjoy laughing and taking to people.  He sings in his church choir and likes to help others whenever he can. 

Ayn Pillsbury Craciun -  is the youngest daughter of Melinda Pillsbury-Foster and so Morgan's youngest hald-sister.. Morgan resented her because Ayn always had staring roles in school plays and had an amazing singing voice.  Ayn was also more intelligent.  Ayn’s comment when I called her about Morgan being battered by Fund was, “Mom, why don’t we just let Fund solve the problem?”  But I could not agree.  Violence is wrong. 

Gene Gaudette has a career in music and is the editor of American Politics Review.  In his spare time, he and Sidney Blumenthal play games together, a sort of Spy vs Spy activity.  He was playing with Sid when he came across a delicious idea as payback for the story Fund and Drudge had planted through Drudge Report saying that Sid beat his wife.  But Sid hadn’t beaten his wife – so when anything on Fund surfaces, Sid and Gene were all attention.  

Matt Drudge - Matt and Fund have known each other since they were introduced by Manny Klausner at a Libertarian event in Los Angeles in 1993. Matt and Fund are friends who work together.  Manny pointed out in his deposition how useful it was to have a place to publish articles which Fund's employers were not going to be able to get into the WSJ.  

Mark Hinkle is a libertarian who believed whatever he was told by Michael Emerling Cloud, especially if the statement was accompanied by a check. 

Michael Emerling (Cloud) is a con-artist who found easy pickings in the Libertarian Party. One of the easiest sources of extra income was Craig Franklin, who spent money like a drunken sailor when doing so was not limited by IRS liens.  Emerling was a lothario, who went for both sex and money in his conquests.  Being paid to plot against Melinda, who had watched him operate and inconveniently been known to intervene, was both business and pleasure.

Jonathan Scott Franklin, Craig Franklin’s oldest son from his first marriage who learned from his Dad that Franklin men (not women) were entitled to anything they wanted.  Dad Craig learned this from his Dad, Dr. Carl Franklin, a double vice-president at the University of Southern California.  Scott is still in prison for hiring a hitman to kill his wife in 2009.  Craig’s first comment on hearing this was, “That was stupid.  They always suspect the husband first.”

This is the website, the place you get the bones of the story - but there is more story and you help us put this together.  The TV Show adds these as flashbacks and flash forwards, allowing the entire unsavory saga to be told and giving everyone a voice.  Most of this today comes from Melinda's experiences.  But she is well aware others also have their stories, equally filled with insights. 

    The Show