Morgan Pillsbury Gell
Born: Carolyn Anne Barteaux

Ayn Suzanne Pillsbury, now Craciun, biologically Morgan's half-sister, said in November 2004, "Why don't we just let John Fund solve the problem?"

Indeed.  I sometimes reflect on this eminently practical suggestion after having been victimized by this female since I was 18 and gave birth to her and spent most of my waking hours caring for her until returning to college.    

Morgan makes her living posting lies about me.   

 This is the final act of a play organized by John Fund for his friends and employers Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. The story will be finished soon.  There will also be a detailed refutation of her statements ready for court. She will be testifying about the source of her income and assets for the whole of her life, as will her husband, Jay E. Gell.  And she will be asked to appear on Freedom Interactive's TV Show, PsychoKin .