We have it in our power to begin the world over again.

From Problems Understood, Can Come Unimagined Opportunities

   This is about the importance of revealing the personal connections among NeoCon fascists and war criminals at the highest levels, along with their bumbling but arrogant minions:
   This set of left-right coalition of: oil industry and intelligence community-created presidents from Bush 41 through Obama; a leadership vacuum-filling vice-president with his own war agenda that may or may not have included the presidential heads of Bushco; secretaries of state; bad billionaires; and too many psychopaths around me personally for any peace of mind -- should be instructive as to what to do next with them. I have shown you with abundant documentation how several have been paid, conspired, ordered, covered-up, traded favors, and fabricated disinformation efforts against me personally, and even each other. They counted on my heart failing, my health being poisoned, disappearing my legal standing and that of my children, and reducing my former wealth at long stretches to near nothing. There are plenty of investigators that can follow these personal leads to major discovery with even more evidence than I have secreted away across the globe for my family's safety.   
   Understand, at first I knew they were not merely trying to kill me for my growing awareness of the ugly role they were playing in killing innocent civilians with drones programmed by Green Hills Software, and commanded around the Earth by lady sergeants who kill for a living, and then go home to make dinner for their families. Their motivations of these global satellite controlled drone manufacturers, were personal, unthinkably calloused, and pointedly not particularly of strategic or tactical value. They would allow no other consideration to diminish the flow of profits to the source of their exploding wealth, including their own switch of opinion regarding such war machines. Green Hills Software is privately held, control still in the hands of the same men who stole it in 1998 from Dan O'Dowd's partner, Glenn Hightower. 
   Also in 1998, other high towers in New York City came into their sights to "unite" America in a way familiar to the WWII generation. Green Hills Software's capability of using Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) autopilot settings, programming of waypoints, course and altitude glide-path changes, over-riding anti-collision override systems/alarms, and target acquisition systems both air and ground -- would make the Saudi pilots almost redundant as a back-up system. Demolition talent, Cheney could find more easily in-house by reviewing military personnel files and that of the FBI or Defense Intelligence Service. 
   Many do not know that the target for the strike on the Pentagon was the Black Ops Accounting Office on the outer ring of the complex, that included covering up their own operations in progress. This attack is alleged by 911 truthers examining rare video as a combination of aircraft and some sort of ordnance aimed at the same spot the autopilot was set for to make sure records for a trillion dollars of old and new news disappeared. The 4rd aircraft had another target, and or was either a diversion to attack the Capitol or back-up. The plug n' play software and settings are a part of solving this who-dun-it definitively. Follow the money and the people involved. 
   At this time, by their greed filled illogic, avoiding by nefarious methods to not pay out stock options and dividends of their vastly increased blood money, which would also have been ill-gotten gains to me, as the then wife of Craig Franklin, Dan O'Dowd's Vice President of Advanced Products Development for Green Hills Software. Craig Franklin filed a divorce action 1JAN98 but I did not know about it for a month after being battered, and due to other aggressions he plotted. Craig had a deal with Dan O'Dowd, they called "Throw Momma From The Train". ( LINK ) Though personally damaging to me and my surviving children, their variety of actions and blatant use of media concoctions were all, not merely to cover up their prior petty to costly actions against me; but more importantly, killing and maiming uselessly America’s military as mercenaries for old oil rigs and tenuous drilling claims, and over 3-millions of dead Iraqis. This short-term materialistic goal has given rise to more bizarre enemies each year, and having to play them off against each other. Endless cycles of death as "they will pay for their own liberation" to quote (Acting President) VP Dick Cheney. 
   Dick Cheney had the will to stage his covert & overt operations using death from the skies, but lacked the means. This was supplied by a meeting of John Fund and Craig Franklin which took place on the morning of October 27, 1998 in the hotel room of Morgan Pillsbury, who both men would bed. Craig Franklin later demanded in Jacqueline Misho's law office during December 1998 that Morgan sign a statement that they had not had sex, but she refused to sign it. Morgan also refused to sign a bogus loan document, as Craig Franklin was paying her $5,000 per month to libel & slander me. As Morgan had sat in on the Green Hills conference calls between O'Dowd, Franklin, and Michael Emerling plotting to kill me, Morgan was able to refuse.  
   It was through Morgan they learned I had information and documents she had originally copied from the vast pile of discarded high security brifing papers John Fund left on the floors of his office at the Wall Street Journal and his apartment in Jersey City. I read these, stunned and shaking after Morgan sent them to me on disks.  I realized I could neither throw them away, nor keep them.  So I made copies and sent them to people I trust to hold. They were not to be released until my untimely demise. I destroyed the disks and kept no copies of the disks myself; so they would not even know what details could be revealed if I or anyone in America I know, was placed under duress.   
   My death had to, at least appear to be natural. They thought they could kill me quietly, while making efforts to impoverish me, intimidate me and guarantee my silence. I have faced off with their black SUVs and silencers, one they dropped in leaving hastily when I immediately used media and internet; even in the woods this ran them away. I found the abandoned silencer in a spot lined up nicely for a shot through a window where I could be seen at times. They don’t like to fight in the light. They haven’t killed me. One reason is I love creating freedom in high profile ways, while not merely opposing their tyranny. I am doubly dangerous to them and have made powerful allies. I have survived as a caretaker of a great son with a wry wit still overcoming his handicaps due to their evil social psychology used on him. I have told you the “how” of a Mom who can be fooled, and who had to learn by bitter experience what psychopathy is; hurtful especially in ones you loved and trusted - and who trusted me to be wiser. These personal events timing only makes sense in the light of what happened on the day of 9-11-01. 
    Only in retrospect did some events begin to fall into place.  Morgan had been living with Fund for some weeks in 2001 when the article by John Connolly was finally published at Weaselsearch.com on September 4th, after being pulled from Talk Magazine due to the threatened legal action by John J. Walsh for John Fund. The article would have immediately come to Cheney's attention.  Other evidence indicates Cheney was in close and continuous contact with Fund and this threat to his reputation and credibility would have elicited a response.  
    On Monday, September 10th, according to Morgan, John mentioned he wanted her to again replace a lost credit card for him, this one in Tower One of the World Trade Center.  Morgan related this to me after the towers fell as the reason why she had not been there, as she had told me she would be the evening before.  As she told me she did not want to discuss the reason for the argument which kept her at the apartment and I never again asked, then relieved she had not gone.  Now, I wonder if Cheney, knowing what was about to take place, had given an order to Fund to insist she replace the card and where this should take place - near the top of Tower Two.  Fund's first reaction might have been fear that he, too, could be eliminated; then it might have occured to him this awareness that Cheney knew what was about to take place could be useful to Fund for staying alive. Fund may have realized Cheney had no conscience or real loyality. I'm still alive and so is Morgan, as far as I know; neither of our continued existence has anything to do with John Fund, but discoverable facts by you.       
   Reading this morass, you can understand why my attorney revoked my “dating license”. More importantly, the psychopaths bumbling has left an avenue open for thousands of investigators: defense intelligence services to 9-11 truthers, accountants to Anonymous, WikiLeaks to whistleblowers, engineers to programmers. There are those with character and strength who are already standing with me in the shadows keeping watch; and in my building transparent interactive television networks. 
   Many Americans have lost friends, family, and comrades to these psychopaths’ plots for nothing but the goal of greed. Those Americans are buried in too many plots in National Cemeteries. I am a libertarian who grew to understand both the virtues and vices of selfishness. Know that 15% of defense workers self-identify as libertarians, while 32% to 38% of the US military votes Libertarian in objection to the NeoCons’ fascist policies at home and abroad. They are now, with and without me, going to see exactly who the traitorous Americans were/are who had the means, motive, muscle, and technology to pull off the 9-11-01 attacks, and later war profiteering from the development of reconaissance & attack drones now 55% of the USAF.
   The investigators are going to trace the programming and pretexts for using the military as mercenaries, and for maximizing the military contractor procurement system for invasions, and enriching themselves programming fleets of almost unmanned aerial vehicles controlled from mostly Nellis AFB in North Las Vegas, and throughout bases in the USA. This on-going nonsense invites counter-attack on home ground where the rest of us live. Green Hills Software programmed “drones” have been offering indiscriminate anti-population death from the skies, 3 presidents ignoring their original rules of engagement in Statements of Work and Missions, so thoroughly in continuous 13-year and 17-year wars for mere money and more money; that now Senators are calling for a moratorium on grounding the use of over half the US Air Force. Why? Because the attack drones kill 9 of the wrong innocent people for every “legitimate” target they deem -- unchecked.
    Veterans who supervised construction contractors in Iraq, wonder about such as $3B high-tech headquarters in “green zones”, that get abandoned when the "liberated" are sickened of the "helpful" agenda to rebuild even water systems that were unnecessarily targeted in the first place. Lightning strikes to take out 4 ICBM sites in Iraq that were two weeks from operational, could be considered legitimate, yet any more than our ICBM sites; yet after that wouldn't we have fought back against invaders and or got them to leave. Saddam was three pieces of tube sections from completing a "Big Bertha gun" to blind our satellites with paint & glue in coordination with Moammar Ghadaffi for his nefarious purposes. The reason these advanced systems by Middle Eastern dictators were advanced was to thwart US commercial oil interests besides general hostility. Thus, the cycle of green here is pricey along with gangrene; while at home veterans can’t get PTSD neurofeedback, re-training to concentrate, or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to heal deep injuries.
   The revolution against the NeoCons will be televised with audience participation. The program title “Hang ‘Em High” unfortunately already has a copywrite. As we have said, NeoCons will be a TV show which allows all of us to share what we know about these bottom crawlers. 
    The free-market will offer Percentage As You Earn (%PAYE) Mutual Medical Finansurance to all; instead of the Veterans Administration, or single-payer fuhrers, or prescription drug benefits at 5x the price an unsubsidized marketplace will be. A non-governmentality not wrapped up in red, white, and blue budgets or black budgets is called for. 
   Congresspersons are finally questioning the annual billion dollar subsidies to each country in the Middle East since 1971, and thus arms purchases paid for by US taxpayers to Middle East nations' military monarchal dictatorships since Henry Kissinger set up such deals to buy peace versus expensive wars, to: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Israel gets more like $3B, and previously bought-off places now bloody like Iraq and Syria. Taxpayers should be asking, "Who are these idiots who sure aren't buying peace but more war?" I have, I unfortunately know many of them all too well. I have introduced you to a few. There are more. “Millions for defense, not one cent for tribute” is still better than the NeoCon’s tax bill to you for presumably avoiding war. How’s that working out for you, and your loved ones?
   Bad billionaires, 36-years of intelligence community presidential politicos, my expose referencing the combined Clintons and Bushco alliance as discovered herein by Morgan trying to understand what an Uday was. Hillary voting for the Iraq War had a reason with her & husband’s heretofore unknown role in convincing Saddam Hussein to stay in-country at the request of W Bush 43; precisely so there could be an invasion there; are just a few things the neo-conservatives programmed and conned us with. If sadistic socialist Saddam had left Iraq to retire like he wanted with minimum security, there would not have been all this profitable death benefiting a few elitists. Uday’s laptop can tell you more about Hillary’s and Fund’s unsecured emails than Wikileaks. The unveiled women are at the FBI counter-intelligence HQ looking for you. Go find them in the keylogger files there courtesy Morgan.

Profitable and Humane Alternatives to NeoConservatives’ Policies:

   These false flag operations on American soil make you wonder where real American business people’s heads are at who usually do real world trade. American businesspeople that could have a presence in Central Asia, keep sitting, watching a seemingly out-of-control intelligence-military-industrial-drug-transportation complex that just keeps shooting up Afghanistan and Pakistan, while de facto, the "coalition" keeps exporting 1700% higher levels of heroin on the world marketplace for 17 years than before the war; matched only by the Taliban's war capital; so American kids can shoot up. An opioid crisis is now manufactured by who? Its under the NeoCon’s control. Get it? Big Pharma is just the prescription branch of the oil industry.
   Meanwhile, 3 years ago, the Chinese Communists bought the Karsai Brothers for $3-billion for 50 years of $3-Trillion value in mineral rights extraction. Remember the purple stained finger “I have voted” pride of the Afghans, upheld by American blood? That was a long time ago, elections are still held because of American blood; yet Afghans can’t wait fast enough to get rid of the US military contractors’ puppets who now want to take over the endless war on contract. Ask why? Is there a better way for Americans to make money without blood sacrifice? 
   The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) are building railways north and south from central Afghanistan through other stans= lands to move “their” minerals to the Trans-Siberian Railway. The PLA harbor management firm COSCO negotiated this year a 50-year management contract for Gwadur Harbor as being harbormaster of this potentially great seaport from the bought-off Paki military and legislature. The Communists have dredged out berths for two oil tankers so far, and two container ships on the first huge dock of many. A 40’ Chinese flag shrouds the harbormasters’ building. There are no oil pipelines at present to Gwadur, but more bad actors, the Iranians are volunteering to build one to Gwadur. The Republic of China has a privately owned harbor dredging ship, but they can't find Americans with enough vision to compete with the PLA.
   No one asked Gwadur's local Baluchis how this will affect their fishing fleet, any more than Arab-American tankers dumping toxic barrels off Somalia that killed their fisher folks’ livelihood did. People wonder why there are scrawny privateers attacking oil tankers with small arms. Generals and soldiers wonder why Afghan “inside murders” of American/Coalition officers happen as they sincerely care about Afghan democracy? The locals simply want a better life without violence, pollution, no water, no infrastructure from the Americans, except for what the US coalition previously bombed or left spent uranium bullet rounds laying around everywhere. Not a way to win hearts and minds.
    In contrast, American teenagers have researched since 1999 what they call TRAADE: Trade Routing Asian American Development Enterprises by interviewing many exiles and corporate leaders, on how American oil & gas pipelines could route south 700 miles to Gwadur, from oil-rich Kazakhstan. (The Cossacks are who our cheap top-tier ARCO gasoline comes from, and Kazakhstan is also a spacefaring and nuclear power). How could water pipelines from the Russian Arctic for legitimate farming in the deserts of the stan countries would yes, cede influence to Russian hegemony; but farmers will guard their waterpipes from foreign ISIS. (The Afghans will charge the Russians a toll to pay for 40,000 handicapped children that Soviet toy-looking bomblets that blew the legs and arms off of a generation ago who are now adults needing expensive care). How could Americans sell farm-tools and vehicles can be sold on Percentage As You Earn (%PAYE) finance terms to individuals whose only asset left is the one they sit upon (after 50 years of war); so they never get repossessed in a high-risk and unpredictable severe weather area. Ageing kids still research where to build California-style freeways and overpasses of nano-bonding ceramic geopolymers that will last 1,000 years -- for 10-ton semi-trucks, and 25-ton ore trucks. They read James Mischner's book Caravans on the W shaped way to build bridges there against flash floods. Kids ask how inexpensive 3d-printed infrastructure can repair the 30-ton capable tank “Friendship Roads” the Soviets built for armored tanks in Afghanistan and along the eastern border of Iran almost to the Indian Ocean in Pakistan. Ore trucks can carry 25-tons of minerals for productive purposes. And what American could route BNSF Railways in competition with the PLA railways. The teens' teacher was told by a Congressman in May 2000 there were these folks called the Taliban that would interfere and would have to be taken care of first. 18 years and politicos counting on violence doesn't seem like that is working too well. Its time non-violent competition was led.
    Many technological champions of modern media have asked me to lead them as Chair of the Board in creating numerous audience participation shows with streaming, coast-to-coast satellite networks here and worldwide. The Freedom Interactive Television Networks Association (FITNA) will promote showcasing your solutions to problems without force or fraud. If you ask for force-of-law or military action, that's a second PhoneVote besides the merits of any issue. Our audiences will be unconfused about governmentality.       The techno-media has vetted me, and they have vetted these NeoCons to their astonishment. The NeoCon leaders and minions lie about me  to thwart my entrepreneurial prospects. I don't lie about NeoCons; its just the truth is stranger than fiction walking down evidence paths followingsome strange psychopaths. It’s time for transparency. Freedom Interactive’s cameras are humming including your smartphone cams. There are good American billionaires that could make a lot of lives productively better with real capitalism. They see that they will make a significantly higher profit than the fascist NeoCons have offered you with your own families’ blood and taxes, pretending to solve problems they create. The NeoCons I have known, are the ones who conferenced and connected to start in 1998 all this horror, centralized executive power, shriveled Congress, and funded an 11x larger than the CIA, NSA surveillance state on us, and some foreigners. The French President didn't take kindly in 2018 to having human rights to privacy violated by the USA NSA as a possible cyber-attacker. I understand as a hacked victim myself. There are more minions that have made my life miserable, that I haven’t mentioned. I understand, it’s just that I got in the way of “Darth Vader”. I disagree with them, whether CNN (with 157,000 passive bored viewer ratings lower than The Hallmark Channel at #38), labels the NeoCons red or blue. Its time for interactive audience participation on the way to validated truth and volitional solutions seen on mass media in real time. Join me this next year with your comments, in your uploads seen coast-to-coast on mass media (its cheaper than you think), and with blockchain video that can't be censored, coming soon as an attraction researched at FreedomTVnetworks.com 
   Now you know. Cheney and the NeoCons can be stopped with Kristol clear clarity recounting their past actions, so the future will not be tyranny, but liberty. Yeah, Dick Cheney can be put on trial in the court of public opinion, and other American and International Courts for crimes against humanity. A bio-pic movie on former VP Cheney releasing December 2018 "Vice: Some vices are worse than others", orients you to the players, especially if you are young; yet doesn't begin to get you acquainted with the facts, because the producers still don't have all of them. You can help with a sequel in reality and in dramatic form. The evidence is now more clearly available to you, check this article’s links to meet even more of these psychopathic minions, and how they work in concert. I deal with the swarm. The NeoCons take down some of their websites when called on their disinformation, and try to take down some of mine. Use the Wayback Machine. I do. Some write for magazines and comment for TV "news" without asking for your feedback. I will. I've presented you links to make it easier for researchers and activists to gain momentum. Some Neocon minions actually have server addresses in the CIA that are openly Rumor Mills. In the name of the red, white, and blue that the NeoCons wrapped around themselves in 2001 to con you out of letting them steal your freedom -- Go get ‘em!