John Fund's Life and Stories

Early Life





 1985 - 2001 

 1979 - 1984 

Early Life

John Fund has never been a journalist.

Fund started his career working as a political operative pretending to be a libertarian activist. 

He has never been a registered Libertarian, he was always a registered Republican. 

His life-long affiliation is NeoCon.  A NeoCon is a fascist.  In case you were not aware, a fascist culture exists if you have a centralized and powerful federal government and the government is controlled by the nation's corporate interests. 

His claims of having been a Libertarian activist or candidate are lies.   

John Fund age 22

John Fund age 61

AntiWar: John Fund vs The Truth, by Justin Raimondo.  Raimondo relates an incident in Fund's life which is not isolated, his propensity to tell lies which transfer the actions of others, for which he wants to take credit, to himself.  Raimondo reports Fund routinely making a " 45-minute presentation at a party meeting announcing his decision to run for a school board seat in Sacramento, Calif., where he lived at the time." Fund, according to Raimondo did follow-up reports following his supposed campaigns, "fantastic progress."  Fund, Raimondo wrote, said this was, "a model for all libertarians to follow." This was a two-way race. Attendees were lead to believe Fund could win. 
    Not surprisingly, Eric Garris was, Raimondo continued, "was writing an article about the LP’s political fortunes and was eager to know the results of Fund’s much-hyped campaign." But Garris was, "puzzled when the registrar of voters in Sacramento told him that, no, he was positive there was no John Fund on the ballot for school board. Yes, it was explained, Fund had taken out papers – but had never actually turned them in."
   What would a normal person say when confronted with the now inevitable confrontation with the truth?  Continuing the saga, Raimondo writes, "Eric called Fund and asked him how his campaign had done. Fund’s reply: Oh, fantastic, we got 46 percent of the vote!
Oh really? replied Eric. Then how come the registrar says you weren’t even a candidate?"
   And what did Fund do when Eric spoke these words?  Raimondo relates that, "Fund tearfully confessed to fabricating the entire story: not that there wasn’t a campaign, but, you see, it was somebody else’s campaign. Fund had merely projected himself onto another person’s candidacy and reported developments as if he had filed his papers and carried through with his intent to run."
   Raimondo concludes, "Fund knows that he’s not above outright fabrication if he thinks it will serve his ends, whatever those might be." In 2006, after the publication of my response to the Raimondo article, a long-time acquaintance of Fund's from Sacramento,  John P. Slevin, sent me this  long and detailed letter on what he had observed of Fund's behavior.  

   Eric and Justin, old friends, believed Fund would eventually show gratitude for this cover-up, which was never brought to the attention of those in the Libertarian Party.  This accounts for the nearly 40 year lag in telling the story presumably, eventually used because it dawned on them that Fund was in no wise a libertarian, but a NeoCon. 

   What Eric and Justin did not know was that John continued exactly the same kind of behavior, which grew only more outrageous.  
   In 2002 an old friend of Fund's from Fair Oaks, Andrew Frankel   
then in Military Intelligence, had been appointed to the Trilateral Commission. Andy contacted me asking if we could talk about Fund. I was surprised but willing to do so. We met at a restaurant in the Village and Andy related to me a story about Fund which helped me understand Fund's behavior, eventually.  Andy told me he and Fund were to attend the same party one night on the same day Andy had told Fund about his, Andy's, appointment to the Trilateral Commission.
   Walking in, Andy saw Fund talking to a group of people and walked over to say hello.  Fund, to his surprise, was telling the group, in detail, about how he, Fund, had been appointed to the Trilaternal Commission.  Perplexed, Andy just listened.  Then he called me to ask, because he knew Fund and I had known each other for a long time in politics, if I could explain this bizarre behavior on Fund's part.       This took place several years before Raimondo's story was published on April 26, 2006, so I had no explanation.  But I did not forget. If a behavior persists then it is not immaturity.  It goes to the make up of the person's character. 

   Andrew Frankel               John Fund

    John does not appear, from what Andrew said, that John thought he needed to worry about being exposed any longer.  But that is not a step toward reality, it is a growing confidence he will not be exposed, no matter what he says. 
    From the reports I received from people who were told slanderous stories about me it was clear Fund had used the same technique experienced by Eric Garris.  Fund appeared to become agitated, to cry, to admit 'the truth,' meaning a contructed version of the story which positioned him as a victim. He then asked for understanding due to whatever he thought would work to stop himself from being exposed.     Ironically, I then realized I had also experienced this with Fund.  While dropping him off at the Bus Station on his way back to Sacramento in early 1982 Fund had told me a story about an incident with a girl at the University of Santa Cruz which had caused him to leave school permanently.  Fund started to cry and told me it was a misunderstanding, he had not done anything.  This was so bizarre it stayed in my mind.  I have no idea what actually happened. 

Here are the Characteristics of Psychopathy, according to Dr. Robert Hare, a well-known and respected expert on the behavior of the psychopathic.