Craig Franklin​​

The Fantasy Life of a Psychopath

Craig told me about his first sexual arousal. This appears to have driven his actions, unrelated to computers and guitars, for the rest of his life.

 Craig was 16 when he got into a wrestling match with his 12-year-old sister.  This caused him to become aroused.  Ever since then his prime fantasy has been violently raping a girl about 12 years old who trusts him as a father-figure. Jeffrey Epstein and Craig would have been great friends.  

Craig shared his arousal with his sister with me.  He shared the other part of the story with one of his past girl-friends, who contacted me. It appears Craig married me to gain father-figure access to my daughters, who were at the time in his preferred age-range.  

Ayn wrote this declaration at the time of our divorce.  Most of it was a surprise to me because I suffered a concussion when Craig battered me and did not remember the details.  Declaration  

Craig's Sex Family was made up of women who were willing - or at least needed the money  Lots of them. ​ 

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director
  9. Managing Director
                                                                Craig's  Sex Family  
   I pondered for a long time on what to call these groupings.  It seemed offensive to call this collection of sex workers, part-time of otherwise, a 'family.'  Not at all the thing.  So I just put the two words together.                                                         
    You get the incest implication in a less offensive way and see that for them it is all good clear, and profitable fun. ​
   Of course, Craig had both a birth family and more traditional kinds of families, which were once referred to as marriages. We include information on these relations below and on subsequent pages. 
   And Craig was not one for throwing away people, he just recycled them.  For instance, after he had enticed a woman t to accept funding for a business she was excited about and had poured her time and energy into getting it going Craig, who patiently waited for that perfect moment, would stop the funds and allow the woman, perhaps with her children, to become homeless. He might also rape her just before she understood what was about to happen.  And then, after all her friends had snidely told her she should not have trusted him, Craig would come back with another proposal.  She could work for him going online on his Sugar Daddy accounts, and find more credulous women who fit his specifications. 
   Many of the women Craig victimized understood what the 'deal' was to be.  Others mistook his offers of love and concern seriously and expected normal relationships.  But no normal relationship was possible because Craig is not normal.  His behavior was fostered by his own father, Dr. Carl Franklin, who told his sons 'Franklin men can have whatever they want..'  I would not have believed this except that Franklin explicitly stated this to my children on one occasion and this statement was echoed by his grandson, Johnathan Scott Franklin, now serving time for hirining a hitman to kill his wife (she escaped). Dr. Franklin   Johathan Scott Franklin

Life was finally as Craig just knew he deserved. Sex was plentiul, fantasies of what was to come, luscious and ever present in his mind and easy to afford - as long as the gravy train from his special killing comissions held out.  Cheney knew what he needed and Craig made sure he had it.  

And Then There was Ivory May

Craig with Baby dol Gibson
​She was a Madame in Beverly Hills who knew just what Craig wanted. Send girls to him who look to young to be legal.

Ivory May Kalber

Regina Russell
​The note which came with this photo from my Source, who took all of the photos you see here to be used as I thought appropriate.  Regina is a soft Porn Movie Star who you see occasionally on television game shows.  My source told me she got sick if she had to provide Craig with some services but was very willing to provide other services, for instance, finding other women with whom Craig could have sex or babies, this being one of his goals.  Though he was not interested in boy babies, only little girls.  
Regina was to receive $1,000 if Craig had sex with a 'candidate.'  I think it was $5,000 if they had sex more than three times, and if the woman had a baby for him, well, that was an entirely different negotiation.  Presumably, in that case, Craig intended to marry them.  What do you think?  Read this illuminating DECLARATION by my daughter, Ayn, who was adopted by Craig when she was right in his target age.  Of course, I did not know this.  He mentioned the issue of interfamily sex to me once, as part of a theoretical dialog.  I told him if anyone touched one of my daughters I would cut off their balls and shove these down their throat.  That was the last time he broached the subject.   
Dana Anton
Dana enjoyed the fun times, food and liquor which Craig provided.  Since she kept attending it is reasonable to assume she was also providing services to Craig.  He was not that pleasant to women who failed to be available to him - though he paid well for this.  In many cases Girls On Call received $5,000 a month each. 
Nellie Barnett
Nellie was not sexually involved with Craig.  She was his bookkeeper, tasked with filing the needed forms with the IRS and State Franchise Tax Board.  But Nellie made the mistake of trusting Craig to tell her what was legal - and that was a detail she neglected to account for, making it necessary for her to lie to the IRS.  She was well paid for this and the other services she provided. However, she was confronted once, at GHS, by a disgusted amployee who asked how she could work for Craig.   

Craig Franklin's sexual fulfillment depended on doing as much damage as possible to his "prospective" victim, and, as you can see above, was fairly selective for what was acceptable as a victim.

Craig routinely said, even to women, "All women should be euthanized on their 30th birthday." The quote gives you a real feel for who Craig is.

Now, you've visited Craig's Sex Family and understand what 'family' means to Craig. - Now, the normal family he victimized.