Comparison of Story One and Story Two​​

Story One
"Sex, Lies, and the Tape -
The John Fund Story"

​September 4, 2001
Published on
by John Connolly

 "When the stone thrower himself lives in a glass house, it is a matter of legitimate public interest.
  John Fund, the forty-six year old writer on the staff of the Wall Street Journals' editorial page, has staked out a position as a man of integrity. On his frequent appearances on cable and network talk shows, he espouses the position of the right-wing conservatives. He is friends with people in the Bush White House. He is a dear friend of Conservative Grover Norquist.    He recently met with Vice President Cheney. During the Clinton presidency he wrote often of the terrible acts committed by Clinton against women. On his appearances on Television evangelist Pat Robertson"700 Club" show, he often condemns those who do not live up to the highest moral standards. This conservative pundit seems to be on television more often, than "I Love Lucy" reruns. Although he portrays himself as a voice of the religious right, the never married Fund has cut a wide swath of sexual relationships through-out the Libertarian and Conservative parties. He's a regular right-wing Lothario. He is also a hypocrite.
   There is nothing newsworthy about consensual sex between two unmarried adults, even if one of those supposed adults, acts badly. But, when a high profile public person stakes out the moral high ground, that person had better not be standing on quick sand. A few months age, Morgan Pillsbury a twenty-seven year old woman, contacted me with information about her former lover of three years, John Fund. Although, I heard stories of Fund's less than cavalier treatment of women and particularly his Clintonesque treatment of one particular woman, I did not think that information worthy of a story. Amusing gossip yes-newsworthy no. But, the story Morgan told, gave me pause. If her allegations were true, Fund's relationship with her was not only bizarre; it was treacherous and bordered on the perverse. To back up her story of the bad behavior of John Fund, she furnished me with a tape recording she made of a conversation she had with Fund. The tape and conversations with Morgan's' mother, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster and others confirmed Morgan's tale.
   Twenty years ago, Melinda and John Fund both worked for the then fledgling Libertarian party in California. Fund was the executive director of the local party in Sacramento. 
   Melinda, who at the time was the mother of four children, she would have three more began sexual relationship with the much younger Fund. 
  Melinda said, "John and I had a sexual relationship for four or five years. When he moved east, we remained friends. It never really ended." Melinda who is still active in the Libertarian party went on to say, "Six or Seven years ago, John called and during the conversation he told me, "Melinda if any of your children come east, have them look me up."I didn't realize that he was using me as a dating service!" Last year Melinda learned that not only had Fund been sleeping with Morgan, he was the father of the child she would abort.
   Not only had Fund violated his twenty year old friendship with Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, he, much like Congressman Gary Condit (Fund recently wrote a scathing indictment of Condit's behavior) insisted that Morgan keep their three year affair secret.
   Morgan was 23 years old the first time then 43 years oldFund, took her to bed. Sounds all too familiar doesn't it? According to Morgan, John Fund was the third man she had been intimate with. She had contacted him when she moved to the New York area after a bad breakup with her previous boyfriend. Instead of receiving consolation from the man who had on occasion been her babysitter back in California, Fund took her to bed. In 1999, confronted with an unplanned and apparently unwanted pregnancy, Fund abandoned Morgan and without attempting to dissuade her, allowed the distraught young woman to have an abortion, without any support from him.
   John Fund is a full time writer for the Wall Street Journal. Yet, when I began researching a profile on Mr. Fund, he unlike most other journalist, began a campaign to kill the story. A source close to Fund told me a few days ago, that Fund and a confederate were attempting to plant a false and malicious blind item about two people at Talk magazine. They believed that the item would so frighten the victims that they would see to it that my profile of Mr. Fund was spiked. Mr. Fund and his pals can congratulate themselves, to protect innocent people from being attacked; I have pulled the piece from Talk magazine. Hence this abbreviated piece which is written solely to introduce the reader to John Fund on tape with Morgan Pillsbury, the mother of the aborted child.
   So there should be no confusion, this tape was made legally and given to me by Morgan Pillsbury. Ms. Pillsbury also gave me her permission to use her name, as did her mother Melinda Pillsbury-Foster. I have learned that very recently, Ms. Pillsbury who has experienced some financial difficulties, has at Fund's request, moved in with him. John Fund lives in an apartment in Jersey City, just a stones throw from the Holland Tunnel. I have also been told that Mr. Fund, for whatever reason, has given Morgan cash and a new computer.
   The following is a transcription of the tape of Morgan Pillsbury and John Fund. Mr. Fund makes mention of how he is being threatened by Melinda. 
   He apparently believes that Melinda has no right to be angry for his deceiving her for three years, all the while sleeping with, and impregnation her oldest child. For those who doubt the veracity of the transcript or wish to hear the anger and seething hostility of John Fund, Please listen to the audio tape.  

John Connolly
Note: I wish to thank Michael Mann, who runs this web site, for his assistance.

Copyright 2001 by Weasel All rights reserved.  Republished with the permission of the author, John Connolly.  

MP-F: No one in Morgan's birth family was speaking to her after she moved to New York in January of 1999.  Her relationship with Fund had started October 26, 1998.  But Fund had nothing to do with it.  To understand what was going on in the family read  Bankruptcy Response, August 27, 2001 - Morgan - Payments - Loan - Bankruptcy

Morgan is a psychopath, as are both John Fund and Morgan's adopted father, Craig Franklin.  

Story Two
"Back Into the Muck"

March 7, 2002
Published in The Nation Magazine
by Eric Alterman and John Fund

Quotes by Alterman appear in brown
Commentary by MP-F and in black

"John Fund
has landed on Page Six in a bizarre tale that is almost too weird to write down.

1. It seems that a woman with whom Fund had an affair twenty years ago named
Melinda Pillsbury Foster

MP-F: This badly mis-represents the relationship between myself and Fund.  Fund and I saw each other once in 1991 when he took the bus down to spend the weekend near me at a Motel 6.  The address was 6909 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys.  That weekend we went to a party of Janice Vargo's house and out to eat at a Mexican restaurant.  The food was good.  

Janice and I took a trip up north for an Executive Committee meeting soon afterward and stopped to see my brother, Charles, who lived with his wife, Sue, in Davis.  Chuck was in law school at Davis. flew for the National Guard, and had a job as a legislative assistant in Sacramento.  John asked me to ask my brother to get him a job.  I refused.  Fund called him and asked over my refusal, telling my brother he was my boyfriend. 

That ended my interest in a romance with Fund, who was surprisngingly immature in many ways. 

Thereafter, our interactions were political and took place on the phone.  But John kept pursuing me, telling me he loved me, until 1988.  That was what I meant when Connolly asked me about our relationship.  

By 1992, John was asking me to have my kids to call him, "Uncle John" and look him up if they ever were in New York.  The kids neve saw him except at conferences.  This is the only place I saw him, either. The gushy phone calls stopped by 1990.  

2. sent her daughter, Morgan, to look up Fund when she came to town.

Morgan first jumped into bed with Fund, according to the time line he related to me over a year later, was October 26, 1998.  Morgan was in New York with her adopted father, my estranged husband, Craig Franklin, attending an Objectivist Conference. Morgan had spent the previous months being paid $5,000 a month to slander me to my friends.  She was also paid, by Craig, $10,000 in March in an attempt to persuade me to turn off my son Arthur's life-support after he shot himself in the brain.  Arthur had suffered a major Traumatic Brain Injury the previous September and was severely depressed.  Craig had been told by his attorney, Jacqueline Misho, he would be liable for support for a disabled adult child so Craig wanted Arthur dead.  

Craig called me at the beginning of March, 1998 to tell me he wanted to stay in Arthur's life.  I was touched and consented when he asked to start this by having lunch with Arthur at the Santa Barbara Sandwich Company near Craig's work.  

I was hopeful this would give Arthur some happiness and told him what Craig had said.  But when Arthur slammed into the house two hours after I dropped him off he went into his room and refused to talk to me.  Craig had told him he was worthless, I would learn only years later after Arthur's memory began to recover.  

At this point Craig was making about One Million a year because I had handled our financial problems by getting the IRS off his back and forcing them to refund about $250,000 to us the year before.  

3. One thing led to another and the results appear to have been a live-in relationship and an abortion.

This is strange enough for a Wall Street Journal editorial writer who, although very much a gentleman in person, penned some of the most vicious and irresponsible material about Clinton and the Democrats outside the columns of this magazine." 

MP-F:  Eric and Fund have a lot in common.  More on Alerman's extra job to assist Fund by getting his 'Arm Candy,' Katherine Rosman , a job at the Wall Street Journal. It likely paid better than being an internet at Elle Magazine.  

Letters to the Nation and Elle Magazine