Cheney's War
Oil, Power and Total Surveillance

An Apparent Pause in the Fund - Cheney Action
Beware of what you think you know

  Morgan covertly left Manhattan in late July of 2002 because it was not safe for her to remain there.  An attempt on her life, a break-in to the apartment, had taken place.  The person attempting to enter had a key.  Morgan, who was standing by the door into the apartment, which was next to the kitchen area, heard it turn as she stood talking to Melinda on the phone.  Exclaiming, she hit the deadbolt, which he had neglected to lock, dropping the phone.  The surveillance camera recorded a heavy-set man leaving the building.  Morgan said it looked like Gene Giacondo, the guy, she said, who, “did jobs,” for Fund.  Because I was on the phone with her at the time I heard the sounds and Morgan's hysteria.  I can tell when Morgan is acting since she frequently used histrionics to get what she wanted on the way to overt threats... 
   Morgan had not been able to remove the rest of her possessions from Fund’s apartment.  I paid the retainer for an attorney, Gary Fish, to force John to return these items and compensate Morgan for what she was owed.

Dick Cheney

   Morgan spent July 2002 until spring 2003 in hiding with a couple in Georgia.
​   The event which appears to have stepped up the assault on my honesty came about because of a chain of events beginning with the email from Sidney Blumenthal.  Morgan wanted an attorney, not revenge.  She was outraged and told me so in no uncertain terms.  This is why I had to find Gary Fish.  But this was not enough.  Morgan called a few days later to tell me Blumenthal had stolen the information on Fund, he wanted for his book.

Mike Murphy

John Fund

Bill Clinton

Sidney Blumenthal

Gene Gaudette

Hillary Clinton

George W Bush

This is not research which would have occurred to me to carry-out if circumstances had not made it necessary. Due to Morgan's inability to control her impulses, something, my brother Stephen said, resulted in Morgan, then still Carolyn, being sent to live with Anne in Goleta, for some time.  Anne's patience and nerves were finally unable to withstand the onslaught of demands, threats, and rants when Morgan began attempts to seduce clients from her orchid nursery and she called to tell me it was now my problem. Always an optimist, I was briefly delighted but surprised.  Later conversations with Anne, after I had experienced Morgan's behavior first hand, eliminated my doubts but left me hoping change was possible.  It was not.  In 2012 a member of Morgan's biological family contacted me.  Her frank exposition eliminated any hope I had ever felt.
See Barteaux the Family Story    ​​
  He had, she said, used a Keylogger.  I had to look up the term later as I had no idea what this was.  This app sends all the keys you hit on your computer or device to the person who put it in place. 
   Alterman and Fund’s assault on my reputation would be renewed at the time of the Iraqi Invasion around April 2003.  Later, I realized this was linked to what Morgan discovered from the emails and attachments coming to her from the keylogger on Blumenthal’s computer. 
  Morgan had ignored my remonstrations against the keylogger; then sending me personal emails between Blumenthal and his wife, and drafts from what would eventually be published as his book, “Clinton’s War.” Exasperated, had I asked her to stop sending them in the summer of 2002. 
   The War on Iraq was being forced forward without evidence by Cheney and his NeoCon cabal.  I was taken up with the continued assaults and lies from Craig, Jacqueline Misho, and Green Hills Software.  Arthur, struggling with rehabilitation for his brain injury, was depressed, failing in his attempts to return to college; and my younger son, Justin was in therapy.  My two other daughters, Dawn and Ayn had moved on with their lives and never called. They had been angry I was, again, helping Morgan.   
   Attention on what the Clintons were doing had faded from the news.  Fund had stopped writing about them. I still did not suspect this was because now they were on the same team.  I would discover is, much, much later.  

  The world seemed to have gone insane.  I listened to the claims Saddam Hussein or Osama ben Laden had been behind the tragedy on September 11, 2001, to the enormous push for war against these least likely sources of the attack.    The actual terrorists were all Saudi. 
  The Patriot Act, already written, was passed through a seemingly shell-shocked Congress.
 While putting up a website for a business associate, Brock d'Avignon, in 2017, I learned from the story of the 1992 election of Clinton and the subsequent bipartisan creation of the Commission on Presidential Debates, there had been collusion to clear the way for a Clinton second term in 1996 rather than creating a viable GOP contender using satellite TV; and prepping W for 2000.
   The drive for theft of the Iraqi oil fields could have begun as early as 1993 with the appointment of Haley Barbour as Chairman of the Republican National Committee.  I was stunned.

    These revelations are available at

The Saddam Hussein Event
   In October of 2002, Saddam Hussein indicated his willingness to leave Iraq.  This flashed through the news with no apparent follow-up.  But later events, which did not appear in the news tell a different story.  Saddam approached the White House during this period and Sidney Blumenthal, Capo for the Clintons, set up email contact with Uday on behalf of his father, Saddam, to persuade Saddam that the Bush White House was staging a publicity stunt, and had no serious intention of invading Iraq.
   I had not, at the time, noticed this blip on the radar.  Morgan and I were chatting and emailing back and forth.  Morgan told me about her late-night trips to Walmart for beauty supplies, the great meals Martha Buchanan, her hostess served, about her “Bunker”, which was the basement of their Roswell, Georgia home where she spent most of her time, eyes locked on her computer.  Facial masques to improve skin tones and texture were high on her priority list.  Mentions of New York and Fund receded gently into the background. 
    Then, in early November 2002, my phone rang.  It was Morgan, her voice tense and excited.  Her question was actually funny – at first.  “Is Uday something like E-Bay?” tumbled out of her mouth.  Startled, I responded slowly.  “No, E-Bay is where you go to sell stuff you no longer want.  Uday is one of Saddam Hussein’s sons.  Why do you ask?”  We were back to the Keylogger, which had turned up emails from Max Blumenthal to his father, Sid forwarding emails from Uday on behalf of his father, Saddam.  To say I was stunned understates the case. 
    Morgan sent one of these missives on to me.  I copied the code which will if you know how, nail where it originated.  I sent this on to a friend of mine, Dean Ahmad, an Astrophysicist who had founded the Minaret of Freedom .  Dean is also a computer wonk and one of the first Treasurer for the national Libertarian Party. 
    Dean told me it came through the Emirates, and yes, it could well have originated in Baghdad. 
   It seemed Sid Blumenthal, son Max, and someone else who was being consulted was trying to persuade Saddam that Bush Co. had no intention of invading Iraq.  In my opinion, the invasion was exactly what we could all expect. 
    Blumenthal would not be doing this on his own, and his close affiliation with the Clintons was the only one which made sense.  Everyone knew Hillary wanted her own two terms.  Could this be an attempt to impact the 2004 election?  Morgan and I discussed the possibilities.  For someone who did not even know who Uday was, she rapidly brought herself up to literate on what had been happening with the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and other issues then in the news. 
   But the origin of this dialog had to be the Clintons.  If Saddam wanted to leave, why were Sid, son and unspoken other trying to get Saddam to sit tight? 
    I made a profoundly bad judgment call at this point, calling my oldest and best friend to turn the question over to her husband.  I had known Roshell (Shelly) Wandzera since they moved in one house away from us on Colby Avenue in West Los Angeles in 1957.  Shelly, as we called her, had married a few years before; and my daughters Dawn, Ayn and I, had gone to the reception at the Marina.  It was a warm and lovely event.  We had always kept in touch and more recently I had spent four days with her cleaning out her mother Toni’s house, so it could be sold.  Toni was like a second mother to me. 
   It was not that Shelly would know what to do.  But her husband, Donald Steury would.  Donald was a Historian for the CIA.  After the call, I felt much relieved.  I had done the right thing, telling someone who could take action but was not affiliated with BushCo.  Of course, I was very much mistaken. 
   Morgan called to say she had been contacted by the FBI, who wanted her to continue ‘monitoring’ the correspondence and that she was not to stop receiving the emails sent by Uday.  Morgan had mentioned that she and Eric Buchanan, the husband half of the couple she was staying with, had come up with the great idea of putting another Keylogger on Uday’s computer.  Eric came up with the subject line, which was “Women without Veils.” At the time I had laughed. 
   My relief lasted until the opening of hostilities, when they hit the bunker where, supposedly, Saddam and sons were hunkered down.  Turns out they were not there, but Uday’s computer was.  That is how the NeoCons knew where Saddam’s Bunker was located. 
   Morgan had told me the FBI was in constant contact with her.  I have no way of documenting this or what agencies or politicos were making the request.  Later, the only email I could find from when this was happening was This One , dated January 16, 2003, between Son Max and Dad Sid, which       Morgan sent to me, because she thought it was interesting.  Actually, I was growing more uneasy every day. 
   And as the attack on Iraq started, so did the attack on me from every direction. 

The Bombing of Baghdad - 2003

      I felt as if I was also being bombed.  One of my friends from California Federation of Republican Women (CFRW). Ellie Michaels, called me, clearly terrified in early 2003. It appeared others had also received such calls but not told me. Ellie had received a call from Steve Frank, who edits  California Political Review , not to talk to me anymore. Was more said?  It sounded like it but Ellie was too upset to talk.  Ellie re-confirmed this call to me on September 25, 2018. 
       Let's put this in context.  Even in 2001 it was not acceptable to let a relative be battered to death or tell her it was alright not to prefer charges and get a restraining order when you knew, from seeing it yourself, she was being battered. If I had known who was involved I would have taken different actions; Cheney might have had me killed. But we make decisions because we have to live with ourselves afterward and I could have done nothing differently. I might have been 'just a Republican Woman and a Mother, but I know what is right - and what is wrong.  John Fund, I would later learn, had been involved in unethical behavior for money since he was first involved in politics. See Slevin Letters  You can't say his life is inconsistant.  He appears to have been born bad. Had Morgan endangered me by sending on information I had asked her not to share with me about Blumenthal?  Yes.  But these revelations went far beyond reading someone's private correspondence or an early copy of their all too pompous book. I had become aware of behavior which was endangering both Americans and Iraqis who were innocent of any wrong-doings.  I had to act so I bypassed the White House and went to someone I trusted.  This was a mistake.  But I could not have disquised myself as the source, even if WikiLeaks or Anonymous had existed - and The LoneStar Iconoclast, for which I later wrote, was not yet online.  
       To have willfully withheld this information would have made me part of a cover-up.  I could not, in good conscience, have done this, no matter what the cost. This information was missing before we invaded Iraq; but now it will be known and the guilty should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.       
       Later, I began to realize the significance of these dates.  The invasion began on March 20, with the hit on the location of the computer.  Morgan watched the ‘ping’ move to FBI HQ in Virginia in real time, she told me.
    Events came fast and were impossible to counter.  The first one was a dud.  After Craig had failed destroy Morgan, this clearly my fault, he sued when she declared bankruptcy.  I had paid a local service to do this in Santa Barbara, and driven Morgan over to the hearing. 
This had begun in 2001.  Craig decided to contest Morgan’s bankruptcy, and hired an attorney in Santa Barbara who was not Jacqueline Misho, for once.     As you read over Morgan’s Response to Craig’s objections, you can see why this was not used by the NeoCons.   In 1998, Morgan had been paid $5,000 per month to bring about my death. To quote Morgan from Page 3 – Page 4… “Conspirators include: Dan O’Dowd of Green Hills Software in Santa Barbara and Michael Cloud, a political consultant in Boston Massachusetts. We all brainstormed on how to destroy Debtor and Defendant’s mother. In particular we talked about how this would kill her as she had just had a heart attack, and this would alienate her from all of her friends and political allies, her hobby for 24 years as a leader in the Libertarian Party of California.  Plaintiff even got Melinda kicked out of the Libertarian State Convention by hiring Michael Cloud (We have checks for $6,500 of payments) to slander her to the Chair of the Libertarian Party of California, Mark Hinkle.” 
   This happened in 1998; the account is accurate.  At this event, Craig was seated as a guest of honor and Mark Hinkle threatened me when he realized I could sue if I was not allowed to attend the California LP Convention of which I was a former 6-term Southern California Vice Chair.
   In 2003, all of these documents were available to Craig.  He lost his continued attempts to negate the bankruptcy, but dropped the issue.  On January 15, 2003, the bankruptcy judge rendered a final verdict.    Franklin Complaint Dismissal 
   Fund resisted successfully Morgan’s attempts to reclaim her property in New York on January 23, 2003,  Answer and Verified Counterclaim
of John H. Fund in the case of Morgan Pillsbury v. John Fund , Citicorp Group and Jane Doe, Index No. 121868/02 (N.Y. Sup. Ct.)

    On February 8 – 9, 2003,   John Fund spoke to CFRW in Ontario, California.  This was a perfect place for those whimpering confessions of Fund’s having shown, “bad judgement.”  I wrote letters, sent FEDEXed copies of the documents, but it was clear that what mattered was power and going along with his slanders.  I left the Federation.  An organization which tolerates this kind of corruption, is dangerous to our individual rights and freedom.  This instance is only one of many.  Fund was looking for opportunities to appear, be paid, and slander me.  Morgan was no longer the real issue.
    The murder of millions was a fact which had not yet happened. 
   On March 17th 2003, George W. Bush issued an ultimatum to Saddam Hussein to vacate his office and leave within two days.  On March 20th  the military bunker where it was believed Saddam was located is hit by The United States Department of Defense  which later states that the assault consisted of 36 Tomahawk missiles and two F-117-launched GBU-27 bombs, and that the target was a military bunker thought to contain high-level Iraqi regime officials, including Saddam Hussein himself. But we know the poor lonely laptop was there by itself along with The Women Without Veils.  
   On April 1st my webmasters for received a threatening letter. Letter to Group Professionals the site I had put up to defend Morgan against John's attacks.  Two days later, April 3rd, Dan O'Dowd decides it is a good idea to give 100 orphans of veterans of the War in Iraq $5,000 each for college. How generous of him.  One wonders how small a percentage of the profits he made from his drone targeting systems’ programming this would have been, if he had not done enough fundraising from people all over the country to cover every cent paid out. 

Joy Stewart CFRW

 On the Website, Fallen Heroes - Last Wish Foundation his thinking is stated as, "While watching a network broadcast showing the children of U.S. servicemembers who had been lost in the war in Iraq, Dan O'Dowd, CEO of Green Hills Software, Inc., realized that these children were shouldering the largest burden of the U.S. war effort. That is when the need for private action to provide for these children became clear to him."  O’Dowd’s drive to become richer than Bill Gates, courtesy of US taxpayers, was well underway thanks to his Advanced Products Development VP Craig Franklin, introduced to Candidate and later US VP Cheney by John Fund.
The next day, April 8th, Ruthless People was down. (See it on the Wayback Machine link shown.) 
In Iraq, on April 9th, 2003, Saddam went into hiding.  Two days before, April 7th Craig Franklin handed an enveloped copy of Morgan Pillsbury's Deposition to Anne Fisher, his then girlfriend.  Anne, if asked, would testify it was a Green Hills Software corporate envelope with the postage paid by the company in advance.  As they ate dinner, Craig told Anne what the envelope contained.  On this same day the Last Wish Foundation is incorporated by Green Hills Software, Inc. and the next day, the 10th, The foundation and its objectives are announced .
   I was in New York on Mother’s Day, May 11, 2003.  I had flown to Georgia to drive Morgan back to New York for the law suit, which had failed to provide a scintilla of recompense to her.  Very early that morning an Email exchange took place between Alterman and Morgan.  I wrote the response for Morgan.  She had remained incapable of writing a coherent sentence.  It was Sunday.  The next Wednesday, May 15th, the hit piece which ignored the facts, framing itself around the lies orchestrated by Fund and Alterman, was published in The Nation.  It was titled, "Who Framed John Fund?"
   The next day, May 16th, Gene Gaudette, Editor of American Politics Journal, received a  Letter via email  from Gail Heriot, Fund's occasional bedmate. 
   May 29, 2003,  CBS Evening News  reported that the Saddam Hussein bunker never existed. Why they thought that was necessary to report is odd.  If it did exist, it was certainly gone now, and the Morgan noticed the ping had moved to the US FBI HQ. Somehow, in the rubble, the lonely laptop with its unveiled harem had found a new haven.  
   On June 21st, 2003,  John Fund's hit site on Morgan was up.  This was the work of Heriot, who became John's 'girlfriend' and occasional bedmate according to Fund’s not quite careless littering of his floor, was noted by Morgan as of January 18, 2002.   Copied on this site .
   It was a bad time for me.  But one person had noticed and spoken out on the lack of any documentation whatsoever about me or Morgan, written by Alterman and Fund. The left and right were scratching each others’ backs for reasons known only to NeoCons killing people in the Middle East.  That was Mark Crispin Miller, a professor of Media at NYU. I had no idea who he was, but when I read his pointed response, published July 14th, paired with another asinine screed from Alterman against us, again in The Nation; I realized there were a few good people willing to look at the facts. Their political ideology did not blind them to truth.  
   The article was titled, Ugly tactics Make for Ugly People.”

    I started calling these extrusions of lies ‘The John Fund Jobs Program for Indigent Journalists’ when the next article, this one by someone I knew pretty well, Wendy McElroy , was published on Fox News on July 22nd.  It was titled,  “False Rape Charges Hurt Real Victims.” 
   It was picked up by NewsMax, another disinformation site purporting to be conservative while its publisher endorses Hillary Clinton and other NeoCons.
   I first met Wendy at the home of an attorney who was providing office space for the ballot drive we were running to get Libertarian Ed Clark on the ballot for Governor of California in the mid-70s.  Wendy was then living with the attorney.  Soon after her article appeared, trashing me, Wendy was hired by Fox News, the NeoCon MSM outlet. 
  About this time Katherine Rosman , supposedly on behalf of Elle Magazine, contacted Morgan asking for an exclusive on her story.  Morgan agreed. 
What we did not know was that Katie Rosman was Eric Alterman’s ‘arm candy’.  Katie did the interviews with myself and Morgan for the story, then sat on them for a year.  At the end of that year, Elle sent a letter informing us the story had been dropped and Katie Rosman had obtained a job at the, where else? Wall Street Journal.  It was a very rapid advancement for her.  I started referring to these events now as, “The John Fund Jobs Program for Indigent, and Ethically Challenged Journalists.” 
August 2003 -  Statement from Eric Buchanan of Roswell, Georgia, on Fund's abuse of Morgan.
August 30, 2003 -  Incest Porn  purchased by Craig Franklin and found in his trash by Melinda's PI and the bag containing these and other items, was brought directly to her and opened as the detective watched.
  Liars steal our ability to know the truth

The means used by the NeoCons to change the story include: displacement of Connelly’s fact-filled article with the Fund+Alterman fiction; using attorneys to intimidate webmasters and publishers from running such as the Sex, Lies, and The Tape; and ‘confidential confessions’ by John Fund made wholesale to journalists and others.  Fund attends events, leans into a new acquaintance with a quiver on his lips and ‘confesses.’  I do not know what he is saying, but I would like to know. Recipients of Fund’s slanders against those who know his modus operandi better, accede to the confidentiality and stay away from the victim personally and in business. If you think this is wrong, and know something said about me, tell me.  
    Those are still going on in 2018, giving pause to potential business partners and media customers, making it hard for me to support myself and my son.  It has also caused problems with our start-up for Freedom Interactive TV Networks Association (FITNA) and for the 2020 Presidential Candidates’ Debate Tournament. 
     So, if NeoCon John Fund hustles you into a corner at a Conservative or Libertarian conference, or calls you up to confide in you, tears dripping off his voice and eyes -- know he is lying.  He will, doubtless, ask you to keep this confidential.  Don’t.  Contact the individual being maligned.  I wish I could say this could change Fund’s behavior, but I no longer think that possible.  But this can be an object lesson to others, and at least, perhaps, make John Fund hesitate.  
Fund was caught lying outright, according to Eric Garris, of, while Fund was appearing on The McLaughlin Group in 2002 and confronted online by the host.  John McLaughlin noted the lie and called Fund on it right on the air.  Fund was never invited back.  Eric witnessed this to his glee. 
All of us need to learn that those in the MSM are not always necessarily reliable.  In fact, it is better to assume they are not to be trusted, in my experience.  Shocking insight, I know, but it should be taken to heart.  

The Guilty Parties 

Today, as Americans grieve over the death of George H. W. Bush, who colluded to deny them control of their electoral system in 1993, claimed credit for strategies stolen from others which won the Cold War, I suggest they pause to consider the death toll which resulted from the cooperative relationship between the interests of the Bushes and his friends and those of the Clintons such as false flag operations, causing the death of vast numbers of US military used as mercenaries for old oil equipment and dubious claims; attack drone manufacturing and murder of 90% of those who die who are entirely innocent; death of 3-Million Iraqis, Iranians and Syrians, today's profits from a domestic surveillance state.    

The truth matters because it is the foundation which enables us to choose accurately, based on fact, for today and all of the tomorrows yet to be.  

Consider our direction and get the truth. 
                  Our survival hinges on it.