The Tape

Who is Morgan Pillsbury Gell?
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Understanding This Behavior

Understanding the characteristics of psychopathy confronts us with some elemental issues.  The first is this. 

All human law, practice, and customs hinge on the assumption each of us has a conscience, compassion, and empathy.  Lacking these, the disordered, numbering between 1 – 4% of the population, are not taken into consideration within our existing system.  Psychopathy is neurological.  Today, the technology existed to test individuals for the condition.  This needs to become an accepted practice.  Dr. Robert Hare, one of the most respected experts on the condition, suggests all corporate officers, all law enforcement officers, and others in critical positions be tested. 

I agree with this opinion.  Craig Franklin, Dan O’Dowd, John Fund and Morgan Pillsbury Gell should be tested. I am very willing to be tested myself to debunk any claims made on this of which I am unaware. 

On The Tape, in the case of Morgan and Fund, you hear two individuals without conscience arguing about how to cope with me.  Fund knew I did not tolerate liars, and he had been proven to be one.  He eventually realized I was not going to spread his stories for him, and he stopped calling me.  Morgan contacted me for two reasons.  First, she needed money.  Second, she wanted me to persuade Fund to carry through with his previous promises and marry her.  It was difficult for me to withstand Morgan’s manipulations; she knew this from experience.  Morgan made me seriously consider this by saying about 3 dozen times this was the only way she was going to leave me alone.  Morgan is scary. 

From the transcript about me, Melinda, on The Tape

 “JOHN FUND: You shouldn't have told her, and you kept telling her, and telling her, and telling her and you kept digging yourself in deeper and Morgan the one thing I can't understand is you obviously told her within days of Colorado where we were discussing a dinner. And I got glimmerings, I didn't open all of my e-mails but I got glimmerings of that pretty quickly, little clues, her e-mails were changing tones. You told her within days, you didn't wait very long and the irony is if you thought I was punishing you, it might not have been punishment forever but what did you chose to do you chose to lash back at me and you chose to go ...

MORGAN: (AT A HIGH PITCHED VOICE ALMOST ANGRY) You're not lashed back at!!! 
I mean all I have to do is tell her to shut up and she'll shut up.

JOHN FUND: Morgan ...(SHORT PAUSE) Within days of Colorado, you told her.” (This was the David Horowitz Conference in 1999)

[As you listen, or read the transcript, questions arise because you are coming into a relationship which, at this point, 1999 has gone on for a year.]

Transcript: “MORGAN: Lashing out at you is not telling my mother, is not lying to my mother when she confronts me on something.
JOHN FUND: She was bluffing.

MORGAN: She was not bluffing. She had it from Craig. (THERE IS A PAUSE) I knew she had it from Craig.”

[I had not talked to Craig since January 24, 1998, about two months before I had last talked to Morgan. I had called to warn John about Morgan the previous March.  When he told me he was not involved with her and was engaged to be married to a woman attorney in DC I was relieved, wishing him luck with the comment it was about time he got married.] 
“JOHN FUND: She had a one-night stand from Craig, she had nothing else.


JOHN FUND: Well Morgan look. (THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) I thought my friendship was worth something you obviously chose it for it to be worth very little to you because you've now got a woman threatening me.
MORGAN: No, it meant a lot to me.”
[I cannot imagine what Fund was referring to.  He had accidentally been added to my poetry list.  This included about nine people.]
JOHN FUND: Well guess what you sure haven't showed it.

MORGAN: And not and and not discussing it with me letting me be alone consistently and not helping me out is a real good show of friendship John.


JOHN FUND: Morgan we've already gone over (THERE IS A PAUSE) our disagreement over what happened when you went through your emotional trauma. We've already gone over it..

MORGAN: When I went through it. Do you think I'm not still in it? Do you know what I am dealing with, John? Do you have any idea what I have gone through?


JOHN FUND: You have told me.

A SENTENCE HAS BEEN DELETED BOTH HERE AND ON THE TAPE.”  [Morgan told Fund parts of the baby came out after the abortion and she was grossed out.] “That I have serious problems. But nothing that I can't overcome and I that I am determined to ...

JOHN FUND: You have decided, you have decided to make it worse by annihilating someone who did like you.

MORGAN: You never cared about me, if you had you would've have maybe..what.

JOHN FUND: You choose to believe that go ahead.”

The Tape documents two psychopathic individuals attempting to manipulate each other and so have control of the relationship.  Each is determined to get what they want.