An Object Lesson in Psychopathic Values
It is all about them and what you can do to satisfy their whims and desires
You are the cow; They are looking forward to the Barbeque

It's hard to understand psychopaths. We usually accept statements made with conviction with little question. Normal folks, unfamiliar with what has taken place in an acquaintance's relationship tend to accept vehement assertions the acquaintance was'wronged'; psychopathic individuals are generally well aware of this tendency to trust.  I offer my own experience with Craig Franklin. I use documented facts about what he demanded and got from me, what he took by deceit and lies, and his attempts to kill me off so I would no longer be either an expense or an uncomfortable source of facts about our agreements and his behavior.  
    I became pregnant by Craig when he had sex with me as I was sleeping. We had agreed we would limit our sensual involvement to heavy petting with no penetration.  He got me drunk knowing I did not generally consume any alcohol at all.  My rare inebriation took place at a party two hours from my home.  On the way home, Craig told me he could no longer drive. We stopped at a hotel to crash until one of us could safely drive.  
    This was to be the last time we saw each other for some time, as he had gotten a job out of the area and was moving to Northern California.  I enjoyed his wit and conversation, but he was not what I wanted in a husband.  I wanted someone who would be a good and present father and husband, who wanted to create a loving family.  I was confident I could find this.   
I had told him straight out months before, my then-husband, Ron Kellett aka Foster, and I were divorcing.  This was delayed by the need to reduce expenses so we could complete the 'room addition' my parents had financed years before.  Ron had started gaming every weekend and no longer worked on the project.  Each of us was seeing other people.    
   A boy friend took this candid photo.  I was just out of the pool and had on no make-up.  My hair is unbrushed.  I did not like having my photo taken, and avoided this when possible.  Most photos of me were taken holding my children.  At this point in my life. I was still actively involved in Martial Arts, such as Shotokan and several other forms.  I started in college through the Judo and Karate Club because of the death threats from Richard, my first husband.  I decided I was not going to run away.  I would be able to defend myself if I was attacked ever again. In 2012 I learned from Richard's daughter-in-law Richard was a psychopath. That explained a lot to me.  I had only been married to Richard for five months.  The murder attempt took place when he was on drugs. I assumed his use of drugs accounted for his violence.  I did not, myself, use any drugs, then or later.   For me, the focus was ensuring he has nothing to do with our child. Following the advice of my attorney, this happened.        
    I'm wearing some make-up in the photo of me at age 54, just foundation in the photo from age 69.  I'm providing these to show why I was not worried about finding another relationship in my mid-thirties.  I was very attractive, intelligent, and a respected officer in the Libertarian Party.  I knew what I wanted, a relationship with a man of intelligence and conscience, with whom

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster Age 23

I could form a family of shared values and goals for enlarging human freedom with conscience and kindness. 
      I did not understand psychopathy.  Boy, did I get an education. As it turns out, what I discovered is important for you to know personally and as an American.  

MP-F Age 54

L - R Dawn, Melinda holding Justin, Heather, Ayn's friend and Arthur during a trip to La Brea Tar Pits, 1984. 

L - R Back row: Art Pillsbury (Dad), Stephen, Anne, Charles, Melinda,next to Pam (Mom) Gary Holbert, Carol in back of Aunt Evelyn.  Children: Alice with Anne, Perry on the horsie, Carolyn in front of Melinda, Mom holding Eric Holbert 

MP-F Age 69

Relevant Facts and History
Craig is a sexual deviant whose fantasies are about incest with girls.  He married me to get access to my daughters.

Dawn Ellen Pillsbury Age 8

Ayn Suzanne Pillsbury Age 9

​​  When I realized this defining motivation, it was finally clear why he had taken each of the actions which, previously, had bewildered me.  Conversations recalled were clarified.  Craig had shared with me the details of his first sexual arousal, which took place while wrestling with his sister when he was 16 and she was 12. During my conversations with Anne Fisher , Craig's first girlfriend after he left me, (I think), she shared with me being told the same event.  Craig told me he did not molest his sister, then or later. It was clear his focus for arousal was fixed on women who looked like her and like his mother. I believed this meant he preferred blonds with regular features.  But he had dropped out the most important attribute.  His fantasy life centered around girls, preferable 12 years old, who resembled his sister when she was 12. 
  What he did not share, naturally, was his wish to play out a specific scenario with little girls.  He wanted to be in a father-relationship with the little girl, engage the girl's affection and trust, and then violently rape and destroy her. I did not realize then he was obsessed with incest porn . I did not know he encouraged his son from his first marriage, Jonathan Scott Franklin , to try to have sex with my daughters when he came to live with us. Jonathan, who was called Scott, had run away from home after hitting his birth mother. Scott was told by Craig all of his life that, "Franklin men can have anything they want."   Craig's father, Dr. Carl Franklin of USC expressed this as a theory of law or entitlement, as did Craig and his oldest son, Jonathan Scott Franklin
  Marriage is a contractual relationship between two people.  Does the State, by issuing a marriage license, include the right to engage in the sexual abuse of members of the family created through marriage?  The court in Santa Barbara refused to even hear the testimony which Ayn was there to provide during hearings.  Ayn's 1999 Declaration  
  If so, it is a covert privilege reserved for the same people who are destroying all the good in our world. The judge in the case, Thomas Anderle had hidden lives which would put them in the 'privileged' category, at least in their own minds.

Would I have married Craig if I had known his intentions toward my children?  Of course not. Would I have married him if I had realized he had no intention of keeping any promise while stealing me blind?  Absolutely not.    

Craig and I did have an agreement when we married on June 21, 1997.  It was simple, clear and understandable.  1. I would have plastic surgery when our debts were paid to change my nose, which evidently did not look enough like his mother and sister's noses.  2.  Craig would have all of his past unfiled tax returns made out, file these and then remain compliant.          

   Craig lied. I learned about our tax status in January 1997.  Instead of being outraged I immediately stepped in to solve the problem. I told Craig I would get back the money the IRS took.  He said, in front of interested witnesses, the children if I did I could keep the refunds as my own property. Green Hills Software, Inc., had been covering for Craig on this for years to keep me from finding out - but they said nothing, making it impossible for me to solve the problem.
   Naturally, Craig claimed I had this money when he sued me for divorce on January 1, 1998.  I had used it to pay our bills so we would be debt-free for the first time on our married lives.  I planned a special surprise for him to show him what I had done.  Before I could Craig served me with divorce papers. Misho, Craig's divorce attorney, was disappointed. Misho had been let into the house by Morgan while I was in Hawaii to make copies of all of my personal papers, steal what she wanted, and what she did not want me to have any longer, and download the entire contents of my computer. Craig had insisted we go to Hawaii to, 'celebrate our marriage,' and Arthur's survival from his motorcycle accident. 
   The subject was dropped to be replaced by nearly daily filings, threats, my mail being stolen, and calls to my friends, maligning me, paid for by Craig. Ask John Cleese, he had the same problem with his divorce - Anderle, and Misho. After Divorce Comedy Tour

You're Not Paranoid – The IRS is out to get you
    Craig lied about his earnings, forcing me to use my inheritance from my parents to subsidize him - and yet he can successfully lie about this and about everything else which happened. 
 If Craig wanted something he would lie, cheat and steal to get it, without batting an eye because wanting it justified anything and everything he did.  Craig wanted sooo much to play his music at the Libertarian National Convention in 1991 he would not listen to reason.

That time I let him have what he wanted.  It cost us around $15,000 we could not afford.

  The Triumph of the 1991 Libertarian Convention. The untold story.

​   His goal during the divorce was to ensure I died. Morgan, who he was paying $5,000 a month to libel and slander me, also attended the weekly conference calls, which were strategy sessions for raising my stress.  I had suffered my first heart attack the year before while stopping the foreclosure of our home during what I came to call 'The Tax Crisis.'  

   Morgan reported on these in both her Deposition and then in her Bankruptcy , when Craig tried to stop her from being financially throttled by his cover-up on his payments to her, which he tried to convert to a 'Loan.'  The court threw out his attempts. 
   The attempts to 'get' me never stopped and the reasons for this have nothing to do with Craig ( Incest Porn ) Franklin.  

What Craig was doing and saying about me. 

Morgan and Craig
CF: I went to the dentist just before I came here. Oh, I'm going to have the Veneers done... did I tell you?
MP: No, you didn't .
CF: $3,500 bucks for the lower seven.

MP: God, how are you affording it?

CF: I don't spend money on anything. I just mailed England. Fed Ex'd Jackie a check for Melinda for $18,000.00.

MPF - This money went to pay my bills for the divorce.  Between legal bills, paying the mortgage, medical expenses for Arthur, Justin, myself (I suffered two heart attacks) I had a hard time paying for food.  
MP: That's a lot. Well you going to be paid up by the, the end of the month?

MPF - Craig would not pay anything for months.  This did not mean the money was not available.  This was an extension of how GHS helped Craig evade paying taxes.  Craig had to 'request payment of commissions' before GHS released the money.  Craig would wait until the amount was huge and then pay.  This cost me in extra fees and more.  But the court, though informed, would do nothing.  
CF: Well that, that brings me to current with the subject of a couple hundred dollars of interest. OK.
MP: Umhmm
CF:   And...  but, but certainly I'm current on all principal payments through September 30th•

MP: Right

CF: Yea. So, she has gotten 18 plus 12, she garnished 30 plus 23 for IRS refund check is 53 plus another 15 that I wrote a check for earlier in the month which is 53... 68. Can that be? 68,000.00 she has got this month. Can you believe it?
MP: That's a lot of money.
CF: Yea, but she's worth every penny of it.. .if you ask her. MP: (Laughter) Of course. She is the great Melinda.

CF: Yea. Well she is surviving on an illusion and the illusion is 4 years from now, it will end.

CF: Oh. The Great John Fund has to be there.
MP: Of course... Of course. I talked to a friend of mine from Munger Toles Olson. CF: Oh really.

MP: Yea. I totally forgot the name of that attorney that did the work for you. What was her name?
CF: Ruth Fisher MP: Ruth Fisher

MPF - Follow this dialog.  Morgan knew exactly how they had schemed to recharacterize the stock options, which were to be paid to me as exercised stock.  GHS did double duty to give Craig what he wanted.  End support after six years, when by law I was entitled to perpetual support because we had been married since 1987 and ignore the need to pay the option price himself. At the same time the court refused to let me have time to get a business up and started for selling reproductions of my grandfather's photos.  Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation .

CF: Yea, in fact I just talked to her last night. MP: How's she doing?

CF: She's fine. She's a wonderful attorney. I have all sorts of respect for her. Ummm.. .
MP: When did she do that work for you? Wasn't that the Stock Options or something?  Was that going on when we went out to Dimson with her?
CF: What ever it was, was going on continuous here. She work (Inaudible) Stock Options. She is just a wonderful, wonderful attorney. Ummm... Yea, so if, but anyway if I see the Great John Fund, which I doubt I will, but ifl do... what should I say to him?
MP: Nothing about me.
CF: You don't want me to be the heavy, hua?
MP: Nope.
MP: I really don't care.
CF: Sounds like you don't want him anymore? MP: Nope.

CF: He had chance at you...he blew it. MP: That's right.

CF: You can do better. You could certainly do better in terms of somebody who will treat

CF: Uh, yes...and then we can go public. MP: You're going public in January?

CF: No, no, no... we start going public... It takes six to nine months to go public. MP: Oh, I see.

CF: And Dan' s job is to do the... you know the "Investment Banker Dance" and all that stuff
and my job and Dave Chandler's job is to get the numbers back to decent so we can get a decent valuation for the company. The Company's been flagged for 12 months because largely cause of this Glen thing hanging over us. Hurting us and so on. Ummm.. .I'm on tenterhooks... ! called England today and they're deciding our fate today they're gonna give either us $1.5 million bucks or somebody else. So, there is no telling which.

MPF - GHS failed Sarbanes-Oxley and remains private today.
CF: So, Ummm... there you are. It's gonna be a great trap and this is one of those high commission deals cause I found this company.
MP: Urnhmm
CF: 25%, less Engineering fees is 20. Percent for Dave and Mike is whatever. It nets out to about 15 % of $1.5 million, so $225,000.00 in commissions over the next two years. That's the kind of juicy deal I really like.

MP: Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
CF: Plus they want me to fly to England for a "Kick-Off Meeting" like in October. So I would get together like 3rd week in October, fly to England. That'd be cool.
MP: Maybe you'll have a girlfriend by then.
CF: That would be nice. Well that's about the time your going the other way, you're going to Tokyo.
MP: Yea. Yea.  Ummm... gosh.. .l still can not get over how much money you give mom a month.
CF: $25,000.00

MP: $25,000.00

CF: I mean you could live for a year on that.. .I think.

MPF - Having stolen my equity in my home, Craig forced me to spend my inheritance from my parents, and clean up the problems (too many to list here) he created he thinks I should be satisfied with less than what I was entitled to. He would not let me start my own business, claiming he needed me to handle his correspendence, and act as his executive assistant.  And entertain - even when there was no money because he was also taking money out to send to Michael Emerling and 'investing' in every losing venture you can imagine.  I found this in the records as I was going through documents during the Tax Crisis. To Craig, women are utilities.    
MP: You think so?
CF: I will go on strike. No, I'll cut her off. If the Judge orders me to pay... I'll...I don't know, I'll move to another country.
MP: I don't think that will work. Where you gonna... you can't do that. Can you actually do that? Legally?
CF: Move to New Zealand. MP: Huh

CF: They can try to extradite me.
MP: So tell me more about who is there?
CF: Lets see...uh... Margo French, Sharon Heirs, David Berkman, Ron Paul. Presumably, Ron Paul's wife will let him stay her. Who else.. .lets see... Uh...Jacob Hornberger, Barbara Gooshaw, David Knowland is speaking and I want to see him. Definitely want to see his speach. Ummm.. .1 think your going to start in a few minutes. Ummm.. .I don't know, just Caroline Rand and Sharon Harris who run the Advocates. Ummm...Doug Casey

MPF - The transcriber did not know the people.  Margo French may be accurate.  Then Sharon Ares, Gene Berkman.  David Knowland is David Nolan.  
MP: Umhmm
CF: Ya know... Gold Guy and this guy from Hong Kong who is some sort of Investment Advisor, Sharon and David. Vince Miller of International Society for Individual Liberty's here. He gave a good talk about...
MP: Is Clint Bullock there?

MPF - Clint Bolick
CF: No. These are not Republican people. ( Inaudible). They said they had 210 people preregister so, they probably run at 240 or something by the time it's over.
MP: Is the Great John Fund there?
CF: No. The Great John Fund was at the last one of these. They hold them every five (5) years. Which is actually sensible... cause then people build up enough momentum that they want to go again. So the Great John Fund is not here. By the way...have you had your dinner with him yet.
MP: Nope. He's in California at the Republican Convention.

CF: The Republican's are having a Convention?

MP: Yep. Anaheim.

MP: Yea. It just.. .it's stunning, it's stunning. I just don't understand how she got the stock options, cause I thought that was taken care of.
CF: She beat Jackie on that issue. Jackie did her best.
MP: Yea but I thought they took care.. .I thought Ruth Fisher actually took care of it.
CF: Not Ruth... no, no, no. Jackie took care of it. Ruth was not... Ruth was working for Greenhills, not for me. Jackie had some language put into my stock option, said "future, future, future" said it three times, future. The Judge ignored it.
MP: Is that legal?
CF: A Judge can do pretty much damn well what they please.
MP: No, I mean what... when Jackie put in "future, future, future".
CF: Yea... absolutely legal. That's the way they're supposed to handle it in the first place.

MP: She did that with Ruth Fisher, right?
CF: No... she did it with Dan. She gave it to me, I gave the languageto Dan, no fmgerprints
were on it.
MP: Clever...

MPF -Anderle probably thought he was helping enough to screw me over.  There are limits.  But Dan and Craig finished the job later, very thoroughly. All of the original stock option grants were identical in wording.  This was for PAST work.  Amounts varied depending on the employee.  Craig received the largest grant.     
CF: The Judge completely ignored it. Completely.
MP: Well you have a ... are you going to the speech? David Knowland's speech? CF: Yea, I'm about to go right now to his speech.

MP: Well have a good time and give me a call later. I'll be home all night. CF: Ok... talk to you tonight. Love you.

MP: Love you. Bye.

MPF - Hope Dan and Craig enjoy spending quality time with Dick Cheney.