Morgan Records Another Conversation - This Time Craig Franklin

    Morgan was reduced to getting back in touch with me, Melinda, who still loved her, despite her ugly behavior, and persuaded me she had changed by recording the conversation with John Fund shortly before she recorded the one below.  Morgan did not understand that sexual jollies are short-lived for many males and women are often viewed as consumer goods.  Craig and Fund both enjoyed the goodie and had moved on. 
    Hereafter, Morgan would have to provide more substantial benefits, which she did for years with her ability to con me into believing her. Morgan would be pushed to actually acquire some skills, albeit ones which engaged her in other kinds of questionable activities, beginning in 2001. 
    My experience is that no matter how much you care, share, and expend yourself for a psychopath there is no relationship, meaning no obligation on their part to do anything but use you, again, and again and again.  Glad I finally learned.     
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
    This is the phone Morgan used to record the calls, which she made to accumulate assets that could be used to sell to the highest bidder.  In 1999 I made the mistake of believing her when she told me she understood how wrong she had been to treat me as she had done, wrong to cooperate with Craig.  
    Normal people are vulnerable to making multiple missteps when dealing with psychopaths when they love them, I certainly did. 
    If you ever find yourself on the phone with Morgan know she is recording the call. 
   What Morgan wanted from me was assistance in getting Fund to follow through with promises she said he had made to marry her after, "The Clintons stop trying to destroy him."  I know now that was absurd.  Fund had deflected serious investigations of the Clintons with his proliferation of over-statements and misdirections.  But Fund may actually, on some level, have believed his own lies, it appears so from his events in this own life. 

And now, the Real Story 
        The Divorce From Hell